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Have you been in pain for years and can`t seem to find the solution? Need to improve posture, balance, coordination, mobility, stability, flexibility, breath deeper? Elite 3D Clinical Bodywork Gain Your Life Back. Move Better, Live Better, And Perform Better.  

Daniel Figueredo, LMT, CCRT Restorative Health Coach, 3DMAPS, CAFS, PMC, MAT, NMR, NKT, FMSC, FMT, Certified Personal & Senior Fitness Trainer, CPEP (in progress) will meet with you to assess your current musculoskeletal health concerns...

Clients can expect to:

• Improve Mobility, Stability, Flexibility, Strength
• Reduce or Eliminate Pain
• Improve Posture, Balance & Coordination
• Look younger & slimmer
• Breath deeper
• Move better, Perform better
• Gain their Life Back!


  • 3D Movement Analysis & Performance Screening
• Palpatory, Kinetic Chain, Mobility & Stability Analysis
• Initial Plan Session
• Muscle Testing for correcting dysfunctions
• Functional Triplanar home correctives
• Follow up Session & Progression

Methods & Education Utilized in Improving Performance

• CCRT – Customized Cell Regeneration Training
• CPEP – Certified Posture Exercise Professional – Posture Specialist
• 3DMAPS – 3D Movement Analysis and Performance System
• CAFS – Certificate in Applied Functional Sciences
• FMS – Functional Movement Screening
• FMT – Functional Movement Taping
• MAT – Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Tech
• PMC – Primal Movement Chains
• NMR – Neuromuscular Reprogramming
• NKT – Neurokinetic Therapy.   Improve quality of life. ACHIEVE YOUR BEST!

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• 3D Movement Analysis & Performance Screening
• Palpatory Analysis
• Kinetic Chain Analysis. Mobility & Stability Analysis
• Initial Plan Session
• Muscle Testing for finding and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns
• Functional Triplanar home correctives based on findings
• Follow up Session & Progression



Elite 3d Clinical Bodywork

813-750-6418 (Texting is convenient)


Monday thru Saturday: 9 am - 8 pm

No walk-ins. Booking in advance Only.


What are clients saying.

"Daniel is one of the most talented, kind, caring, knowledgeable and a phenomenal health professional. After 10+ years, and dozens of other professionals failing me, Daniel was able to help me manage chronic pain and neuromuscular issues while we worked together, found what areas were causing all my symptoms and corrected them. Thanks for all the help and guidance in making me understand the underlying causes of my symptoms."  

Richard Gates.       

"Impressive bodywork skills, techniques and talent. My friend Carmen recommended Daniel to me because of her own outstanding experience with him and I am extremely grateful to him! At this age, I thought all these nagging painful areas were here to stay, I had a variety of aches, pains and minor injuries that seem to keep coming back, I visited several spas, but what a huge difference and completely different approach, his great education to clients is phenomenal. Daniel was able to correct those problems in just 60 minutes of great work and to teach me skills, ways to release tight muscles and activation of weak ones in authentic exercises to prevent their recurrence. Living pain-free is such a joy! Daniel is truly a gifted healer. Gracias por su gran passion y trabajo fenomenal."  

Maria Gonzales.       

"After many massage therapists, I was lucky enough to find Daniel online and try his work, I have greatly benefited from his unique work approach. If you find yourself on his table, education and knowledge is unique to me. Impressive talent, caring, talented, knowledgeable professional."  

Rolando Bustamante.       

"Impressive set of skills, great passion for what he does, true dedication to his client. Many charts and posters on his walls to help you understand that the area that hurts is not necessarily the cause of the problem but the symptom. Daniel is able to draw from a wide range of skills, techniques, training and education in order to quickly, accurately, and effectively address the main source of the problem. Daniel educates his clients as to why they are having these issues and what they can do about it, and gives you a corrective exercises to get rid of the symptoms for good."  

Esteban Falcon. 


I really can't describe exactly what Daniel was doing or why he was doing it during this unique 90-minute session, Daniel tested, adjusted, and corrected neuromuscular issues. His unique approach was methodical, and very effective. No other medical professional had been as helpful. The sessions helped me release some tight areas that were compensating for other weak ones. He also demonstrated and assigned me with some exercises to help. Daniel is a dedicated, well-trained, and highly skilled, talented, caring professional. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking to resolve chronic pain using a new, effective, unique results-oriented more clinical approach."  

Martha Fernandez 

I had suffered from low back pain for years. The pain was making my life miserable. I saw all kinds of massage therapists, a DC and a couple of physical therapists, a trainer and other medical professionals, but pain kept coming back until I finally got significant and lasting relief at Elite 3D Bodywork. Daniel is a caring, knowledgeable, talented therapist who helped me return to work and activities. I can play with my kids now. Thanks to Daniel and Elite 3d Bodywork, now I have my life back, I am in charge now and I’ve been able to avoid surgery, which was recommended by a Doctor and I was so afraid of. I am happy I found Daniel and his more clinical approach to my problems. 

Mark Ferguson 

I was sidelined by a knee injury. Frustrated with the pace of my rehabilitation after surgery, I came to Elite 3D Bodywork. I was impressed with Daniel, he was knowledgeable, a caring, and compassionate professional and spent a little more than the full hour with me. Daniel explained things to me in a new different way I have never experienced before. He corrected misalignments in my foot and hips, then helped me regain the strength I had lost since the injury. He also looked my gait and did a few tests, walking, squatting, single leg, and guided me thru it all. He found areas that were working for others, it was like magic, impressive work. Today, I am running again, after 10 months of inactivity. Very pleased with the results. I feel lucky to have found this great therapist with this new approach. Now, I feel even stronger than before. Thanks for everything, and also your guidance and great education. 

Robert Thompson  

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